Monday, February 4, 2013

Hard Drive Noise A Big Problem For Everyone

The hard drive is storing device of a computer. Now a days hard drives are of various types and a huge capability to work. The storing capability of the drive has increased a lot. It is also assumed that within a short time it would rise another step. Developing of quantum technologies would increase the power of hard drives and computing. Even in near past, hard drives were huge and gigantic in size. But now it has been confined in a small place such as pen drive. This device is not supposed to make noise. Yes, while inserting data, or, accessed my any of the user in it would cause a little sound. If any user could hear little noise sometimes it is also usual. But continuously hard drive noise is not acceptable at all. Firstly I suggest to run free hard drive diagnostic software. It should work if the problem is not so troublesome. Anyone could find such software with a minute of searching. Diagnosis will tell you about the condition of the drive. If still the problem prevails, then the user should go for repairing it. Before going to do any repair work, proper backup should be made. So the user could avoid any data loss.
The   Problem I Faced With My Hard Drive

Hard drive clicking noise is a terrible problem. I had a hard drive of 1 TB. After round 2 years it starts to produce clicking noise. Hard drive clicking noise bothers users a lot. Usually old and erroneous hard drive produces such clicking noise. I had a very good experience using hard drives. My hard drive gave a good support to mine. I was happy using the hard drive. But after using two years of my old hard drive, it started to noise. It caused a nuisance for me. I had nothing to do. I could not stop the sound of the hard drive. I was very unhappy. I could not get what to do with the hard drive. So I had decided to sell that. No one bought that. It was also painful. Lastly, I decided to keep that. I had that with me still today. This hard drive makes clicking noise. But still is at working condition. I am using the hard drive with clicking sounds. But I am nowadays habituated with the hard drive. So though clicking noise of the hard drive is painful and irritating to hear but it is not always distracting.

Hard Drive Making Noise

Hard drive which one does make noise has some problems certainly. I have a computer since my childhood and so I got to know about many things about the computer. How it can work faster or how the computer get slowing down, many things I have got known so far. These all not come in a day. Actually the computer is a very important part of life. So it cannot be avoided even if anyone does not want to have knowledge about it he or she can easily be considered as a person of not this age. Some problems arise from computer sometimes which can make several damages. Also you can get some idea of the phenomenon occurring during it. Actually there must exist some symptoms from which the problem can be specified. Hard drive making noise is one kind of symptoms which can make the computer user sufferer in many cases. These types of problems can bring a huge damage. So in any situation the computer needs to be kept in a dust free places so that it can not get dusty and it will not helpful for the computer. Hard drive making noise is a result of these sometimes.

Old Friend Having Trouble

I was going to the restaurant for taking my lunch. I was very much hungry that time because I did not take my breakfast. Moreover I came to my office almost running all through the way. I was sick for the last few days and so it puts a great pressure on my body and I was really very tired. When I sat there I first ordered for a cold drink and then I ordered for other foods. It was a nice time when you feel so much hungry and there are plenty of nice food in front of you. I really got very much happy seeing all these. When I almost completed my lunch someone called my name so sweetly and when I moved around I could see a nice girl standing behind me. I could remember, she was my college friend. I was so delighted. I told her to sit. We talked and talked for a long time and it was really a great time for both of us. I asked her about the reason to come there. She told me that she had some problems with the hard drive making noise. So she came here to find out the problems occurring with her computer. Read more

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